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At the Police Station

Anyone can find themselves in circumstances where they get arrested and then in the frightening situation of being held in a Police Station, sometimes for many hours pending a police interview. You are entitled to speak to a Solicitor of your choice either on the telephone or in person and we are available 24 hours a day to give advice and represent you at the interview.


When you arrive at the Police Station you should immediately ask the custody sergeant to contact our office or out of hours telephone number and we can then arrange to attend prior to your interview. You should remember not to speak to the police about your case until you have spoken to us first. All people detained in Police Stations are entitled to have a Solicitor of their choice (or the duty Solicitor) when they are interviewed. This service is covered by legal aid and is not means tested so that it is free of charge to everyone.


Similarly if the police tell you to attend the Police Station at a later date in order to be interviewed you should contact us straight away so that we can make arrangements to attend with you.


By having experienced Solicitors or accredited Police Station Representatives to help you, you will find the experience less stressful. We will protect your rights and obtain from the police a summary of the evidence against you prior to your interview. We will discuss that with you in private beforehand and advise you as to the strength of the case and whether or not to answer questions. We can make representations about that evidence to the police and also as to the nature of any charges as appropriate. In many cases the involvement of an experienced Solicitor will reduce delay at the Police Station and significantly improve the outcome of your case.

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